2.6-MW solar project completed for Texas automotive supplier Vitesco

2 6 Mw Solar Project Completed For Texas Automotive Supplier Vitesco

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A major solar project developed at global automotive supplier Vitesco Technologies in Seguin, Texas, has been completed and commissioned. Through a power purchase agreement, Big Sun Solar built, owns and operates the solar project, and Vitesco Technologies purchases from electric cooperative GVEC the electricity generated to offset its energy consumption.

Credit: Big Sun Solar

The 2.6-MWDC tracking solar project will account for about 13% of Vitesco Technologies’ annual energy consumption at the Seguin facility.

“Powering clean mobility is our mission, and that certainly includes taking responsible actions supporting our manufacturing processes to reduce the environmental effects of the automotive industry,” said Dr. Hans-Juergen Braun, global head of Operations for Vitesco Technologies. “This solar energy project owes its success to the dedication and vision of our team in Seguin as well as our partners with Big Sun and the GVEC. These initiatives and opportunities are driving our global footprint toward success and growth not only benefitting our company, but also our employees, shareholders, business partners and world as a whole.”

Vitesco Technologies and Big Sun Solar are also currently discussing opportunities to implement additional sustainable energy projects at the facility.

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