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2023-2024 Ford Transit Trail recalled over rubbing tires

2023 2024 Ford Transit Trail Recalled Over Rubbing Tires

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Ford has issued a safety recall that applies to nearly 2,000 units of the Transit Trail, an off-road-focused version of the full-size Transit van. The 30.5-inch tires that help set the Trail apart from the standard Transit are at the root of the recall: They can rub in certain conditions.

Assigned recall number 24V-226 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the campaign includes 1,902 examples of the Transit Trail built between March 15, 2022, and March 6, 2024. Ford estimates that the defect is only present in 25% of these vans.

The company told the NHTSA that “the front tires may contact the front wheel arch liner and body flange under certain vehicle loading, steering angle, and braking conditions due to insufficient packaging allowance.” Tires wear out more quickly when they rub and can ultimately go flat, which increases the risk of an accident — the driver could lose control of the van. Ford hasn’t figured out the precise cause of the problem yet, but it notes that the third-party company it worked with to develop the Transit Trail “did not fully account for the front tire envelope and packaging requirements of this application.” It adds that a rubbing tire can make a noise that’s audible in the cabin.

Ford shed light on the problem by analyzing field reports. In February 2024, it discovered that the shoulder area of the front tires can rub against the wheel arch liners at 60% of full turn while braking when the van is at or near its Front Gross Axle Weight Rating (FGAWR). It has received five warranty reports, 10 field reports, and one owner report, though it’s unaware of injuries or accidents linked to the issue.

The brand is still looking for a solution to the problem. It will begin reaching out to owners of affected vans on April 8, 2024, to inform them of the issue and let them know that it’s developing a remedy. There’s no word yet on what the fix will entail or when it will be ready.


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