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2025 Jeep Wagoneer S goes on sale this fall with 600 electric horsepower

2025 Jeep Wagoneer S Goes On Sale This Fall With 600 Electric Horsepower

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Jeep just teased its upcoming Wagoneer S electric SUV ahead of the new vehicle’s launch scheduled for later this year. We’ve seen photos of the concept-like prototype already, but this appears to be our first look at what the actual final car will look like.

The light-up grille and patterned waterfall design remain, but the “Wagoneer” text spelled out on the hood is gone. In fact, there isn’t a single Jeep logo to be seen anywhere on the front of the vehicle. Its bulging hood and lower bumper side intakes look to be largely carried over, though now we can see all sorts of radars and sensors integrated into the lower grille opening.

A teaser video gives the smallest of glimpses at the rear where we can see the funky wing still hanging off the roof and a slick looking LED taillight. The red interior is clearly visible through the windshield, too, which is a throwback to the original concept’s vibrant red interior.

The few specs Jeep is sharing today match those previously provided. It’s expected to have all-wheel drive, go 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and pump out 600 horsepower. Jeep also promises “4xe capability with all-terrain management,” because of course it’s going to be respectable off-road. From the teasers we’ve seen so far, this Jeep looks like a two-row SUV that’s similar in footprint to the Grand Cherokee, so don’t expect this Wagoneer S to be an electric version of the massive three-row gasoline-powered Wagoneer on sale today.

The last promise Jeep makes is that the Wagoneer S will be “sold in the U.S. in the fall of 2024.” That means the wait won’t be long at this point, and we should expect full details along with a production car reveal later this year.

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