Accelerate Find-to-Fix Cycles With Hai

Accelerate Find To Fix Cycles With Hai

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You can now streamline and enhance your vulnerability management process with HackerOne’s in-platform GenAI copilot, Hai. Hai delivers a deeper and more immediate understanding of the reports that come in, helping you make decisions and deliver fixes faster by effortlessly translating natural language into precise queries, enriching vulnerability reports with additional relevant context, and utilizing platform data to generate insightful recommendations. Incorporating AI’s capabilities into your workflows strengthens the ever-evolving security processes in a constantly changing world of cyber threats.

Hai is now generally available for all HackerOne customers. Use Hai to:

  • Strengthen Understanding: Hai decodes complex reports, providing succinct summaries and detailed visual analyses, fast-tracking your team’s understanding and response capabilities.
  • Improve Communication: Hai acts as a communication bridge, clarifying technical details and remediation steps, enabling seamless collaboration between security, development teams, and hackers.
  • Accelerate Remediation: Hai streamlines find-to-fix cycles with targeted insights and personalized advice, optimizing remediation and harnessing unique business knowledge for faster, smarter action.
  • Streamline your SDLC: Hai elevates your SDLC, offering custom vulnerability scanner templates, seamless API integration, and dynamic automation for faster, smarter security processes.

Strengthen Understanding

Navigating and interpreting complex security reports is time-consuming, often delaying critical response actions and decision-making within teams.

Whether faced with intricate reports, complex proofs of concept, or technical details, Hai provides easily understandable explanations of vulnerabilities.

You can ask Hai for help with:

  • Report summarization
  • Remediation advice
  • Content generation (comments/acknowledgments)
hai product screenshot Hai product screenshot

Improve Communication

So much of a vulnerability’s story is in the proof of concept. With Hai, you can extract actionable insights and details from visuals like screenshots to speed up vulnerability analysis and plan for remediation. With support for screenshot analysis, you can:

  • Get concise explanations of what’s depicted in images.
  • Ask Hai to pull specific information from visuals, such as HTTP requests or response IDs.
  • Have Hai convert information from images into usable formats, e.g. cURL commands.

Hai product screenshot

Hai product screenshot

Accelerate Remediation

Navigating vulnerability remediation requires teams to align strategies with unique business requirements, often causing delays and inefficiencies in addressing security issues.

Determine the best approach to fixing vulnerabilities by analyzing them with Hai, enriching reports with relevant context, and receiving personalized remediation advice.

  • Hai can help edit vulnerability reports by suggesting a title, updating CVSS ratings, or recommending a vulnerability class from the CWE database.
  • Quickly shorten an essay or change your tone of voice with in-workflow writing assistance.
  • Maintain your own curated knowledge base so Hai can become a hivemind of valuable information specific to your organization.

hai product screenshot

Streamline Your SDLC

Teams struggle with the manual repetition of tasks and lack customized solutions that align with their specific domain knowledge and operational needs.

Create personalized plays for repetitive tasks, providing custom instructions to teach Hai your organization’s domain knowledge.

  • Go deeper on remediation advice by teaching Hai more about your tech stack and processes.
  • Structure a vulnerability report by extracting common parameters, such as endpoint, exploit URL, payload, etc.
Hai product screenshot Hai product screenshot

Leverage the Hai API

Organizations face challenges in integrating advanced AI capabilities into their vulnerability management processes to automate tasks, initiate proactive incident responses, and manage data efficiently.

Access Hai via the HackerOne API to easily integrate its features into your current processes and tools.

  • Unlock task automation and accelerate internal workflows through dynamic, programmatic interaction with Hai.
  • Proactively initiate incident response for sensitive data, like PII, found in proofs of concept.
  • Efficiently extract, transform, and query business-specific information for internal escalation and routing, enhancing operational agility.
Hai product screenshot Hai product screenshot

HackerOne customers, including Salesforce, SIX, Zoom, Adobe, and Hyatt, are already using Hai to optimize their vulnerability management processes. 

Hai has significantly reduced the time my team spends sifting through bug reports or creating responses, allowing us to focus more on resolving and communicating vulnerabilities quickly.

— Alexander Hagenah, Head of Cyber Controls at Six Group

To learn how Hai can help your organization stay ahead of evolving threats, contact us today and speak with a security expert. If you’re a HackerOne customer and want to experience Hai, read here how to opt in.


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