Amazon Prime customers in the US now get free GrubHub+ delivery

Amazon Prime Customers In The Us Now Get Free Grubhub Delivery

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Amazon is permanently offering free restaurant delivery via Grubhub+ as part of its Prime subscription, the company announced. If you live in the US and pay $139 per year for a Prime subscription, you’ll pay no fee for eligible GrubHub orders over $12. You’ll also see lower service fees, five percent credit back on pickup orders and exclusive offers.

That works out to a value of $120 per year, according to Amazon. The retail giant had previously offered Prime clients a free one-year subscription to GrubHub+, but after that year was up, you had to pay $129 per year on top of your Prime subscription. Now, it appears to be a permanent Prime inclusion.

Amazon’s US customers can access GrubHub on and in the Amazon Shopping app with an “identical” ordering experience and prices to or Grubhub’s app, according to Amazon. To activate the offer, go to On top of the free delivery, Prime members can get $5 off GrubHub orders of $25 or more through June 2nd.

Though widely used, restaurant delivery services have been controversial. Both restaurants and customers complain about high delivery fees and drivers often receive low pay while shouldering heavy workloads. Most fees don’t go to the driver, so many customers feel the need to add a tip onto the already high fees. In Europe, a deal was recently struck to reclassify millions of food delivery app workers as employees.

Amazon’s Prime membership includes other perks like Prime Video and free same-day delivery. However, it recently added an additional $3 per month fee to get Prime Video without ads (except for sporting events). Meanwhile, unlimited grocery delivery from Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh costs an additional $10 per month.

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