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Amazon's best-selling electric snow shovel is on sale for a limited time

Amazons Best Selling Electric Snow Shovel Is On Sale For A Limited Time

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Although many of us have managed to avoid particularly harsh winter conditions so far this season, that seems set to change in the next week or two. With huge storms on the horizon for much of the U.S., you might be thinking about driveway maintenance. Sure, you could use a regular old snow shovel, but that’s just asking for back pain. You could also go for a traditional snow blower, which is much faster and easier, but they can be expensive. So why not split the difference with an electric snow shovel like this one from Earthwise?

Electric snow shovels can offer a lot of the conveniences of a snow blower at a price point more comparable to a snow shovel. This one from Earthwise is corded, so you won’t have to worry about batteries being charged and ready when you need it. It has a 16-inch snow clearing width, an 8-inch snow clearing depth and a 30 foot snow throwing distance. Believe it or not, this little thing can throw up to 430 pounds of snow per minute. This “shovel” includes 6-inch rear wheels to make maneuverability easier and the whole thing weighs about 15 lbs. Thanks to an Amazon limited time deal, this electric snow shovel can be had for 14% off list price. If you don’t need the full 16-inch version, you can get the 12-inch version for even cheaper, about $75, right here. Otherwise, learn more about the 16-inch version below or check it out right here.

Key Features

  • Electric, corded (no batteries or gasoline needed)
  • 12-amp motor moves up to 430 lbs of snow every 60 seconds
  • 16″ clearing width, 8″ clearing depth, 30 foot throwing distance
  • Weighs 15.75 lbs and includes 6″ rear wheels for maneuverability

$103.53 at Amazon

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