Android Auto will soon let Google Maps see EV battery levels and tell you where to charge your vehicle

Android Auto Will Soon Let Google Maps See Ev Battery Levels And Tell You Where To Charge Your Vehicle

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Much of the auto news out of CES 2024 has focused on EVs, and Google is no exception. The company has announced that Android Auto will share real-time battery updates with Google Maps. The update should initially roll out to the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning in the coming months before expanding to other Android Auto-compatible EVs in the future.

With this new feature, Google Maps will give you suggestions of charging stations along the route without you having to pull over and search. It should also update you on the car’s battery level once you arrive at a destination (something your EV should already do) and provide an estimate of how long it will take to charge. The latter is more novel and could help when you’re in a rush.

Google also announced the expansion of Google built-in to additional car brands, such as Honda, Nissan and Ford, after first launching in a Polestar. The Chrome browser is now rolling out in beta to select models from Volvo and Polestar (of which Volvo is a part-owner) and should be more widely available later this year. Plus, Google built-in now has The Weather Channel app to track the forecast as you travel.

Update, January 09 2024, 6:42PM ET: This story was updated to clarify an error about the first car that launched with Google built-in.

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