Apple’s latest OS betas enable iPhone mirroring on Mac

Apples Latest Os Betas Enable Iphone Mirroring On Mac

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One of the more compelling features Apple showed off for macOS at Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 earlier this month is the ability to mirror your iPhone to your desktop. Brave souls who don’t mind installing developer betas on their devices can now check that out for themselves, as it’s available in the latest iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia builds.

The first public betas of both operating systems are expected to arrive in July, but it’s unclear whether the feature will be available in those at the outset. Folks in the EU will also have to wait longer to try the feature as Apple is delaying the rollout of iPhone mirroring, Apple Intelligence and SharePlay Screen Sharing. The company has pinned the blame on potential Digital Markets Act compliance concerns and how that “could force us to compromise the integrity of our products in ways that risk user privacy and data security.”

Still, if you can’t wait to check this out and you have a developer account with Apple, you can install the betas now (bearing in mind the usual risks that come with beta versions of operating systems). If you do, you’ll be able to control your iPhone from your Mac while the former remains locked and in StandBy mode. You’ll also get notifications from your iOS apps on your desktop.

Naturally, you’ll need to be signed into the same Apple Account on both devices for this to work. You’ll need to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on too.

The virtual iPhone will run at 60 fps. It will typically operate in vertical mode unless you launch a game that runs horizontally, in which case it will flip to its side. Mirroring is said to use about the same amount of battery life as physically using your iPhone. If you unlock your handset, the mirroring window on your Mac will close instantly.

Apple has some other iPhone mirroring features planned for the future, such as the ability to drag and drop files and other things between your phone and Mac. This is expected to include support for third-party apps.

Per the iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia developer beta release notes, there are some known issues when it comes to the iPhone mirroring feature. For instance, you may not be able to launch lock screen apps or use Universal Clipboard on your iPhone while it’s enabled, but those are bugs Apple will be attempting to iron out. It’s also worth noting that it won’t be possible (at least at first) to mirror your iPhone while mirroring your mac on Apple Vision Pro.


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