Audi’s Q4 (The ID.4’s Cousin) Offers Faster Charging, More Range For 2024

Audis Q4 The Id 4s Cousin Offers Faster Charging More Range For 2024

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In most ways, the Volkswagen ID.4 represents a great value, especially for 2023 and later models. Compared to the original 2021 ID.4, the DC fast charging rate is much higher, and it’s now offered with an 82 kWh battery pack (77 kWh usable) that offers greater range. But, as similar as the vehicles are, many people might be wondering why the more expensive Audi Q4 (Audi is another VW brand) didn’t get the upgrades.

We don’t have to wonder anymore. Starting for 2024 model year vehicles, the Q4 will come with these improvements, keeping it ahead of the more budget-oriented ID.4.

At the heart of these upgrades is a new battery, and it’s the same one the upgraded ID.4 got. With 82 kWh of gross energy and 77 kWh of usable storage (the 5 kWh buffer is there for longevity), and upgraded battery cells from SK, peak charging power is now up to 170 kW, a noticeable improvement over the 150 kW peak charging the older Q4 50 could do. This puts the charging speeds on par with the ID.4, which can generally go from 10-80% in a little under 30 minutes.

To make sure you get this optimized speed, the Q4 also has the ability to precondition (heat up) the battery for faster charging. It also has battery cooling in case the vehicle is too hot to get maximum speeds.

These features alone will make for faster road trips, as you can charge faster and go longer between charges. But they couldn’t very well let the Audi Q4 fall behind the ID.4, so the company had to do something to make it stand out. This came in the form of an updated permanently-excited synchronous rear motor, which should give it not only more power, but better range. Maximum power is now up to 335 HP, which is 40 HP more than previous model years.

To make sure the power improvement doesn’t cause any problems, Audi says the company’s engineers reworked the whole rear drive unit. Optimized reduction gears, changes to oil transport within the unit, and a cooling circuit keep the oil from getting hot. On top of that, engineers optimized the liquid cooling loop to improve stator cooling via the radiator, which should also help.

The result of the power and thermal upgrades? About a one second shorter time from zero to sixty!

But, that extra power wouldn’t be fantastic all by itself. Audis are known for having better handling than their Volkswagen cousins. To keep it competitive, Audi tuned the suspension up to give the 2024 better dynamic driving ability and better stability. The engineers paid particularly great attention to the steering, with both better damping (less feel for bumps) and better response.

Both 2024 variants (e-tron and Sportback) will offer quattro all-wheel drive technology, which should continue to offer better performance on both dry pavement and under less than ideal conditions. The Q4 is also available with a new 21″ wheel package that gives it not only a sharper look, but includes 235 tires in the front and 255s in the rear for better grip. All-season tires are included, so you’ll still probably want a second set of wheels with snow tires if you live in an area that gets slippery a lot.

Featured image by Audi.

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