AWM launches two new cable management hardware solutions

Awm Launches Two New Cable Management Hardware Solutions

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Affordable Wire Management (AWM) now has two new hardware offerings: Photon Kit and Helios Beam Rod.

Helios Beam Rod

AWM’s Photon Kit leverages winch technology with expert guidance to streamline construction and reduce labor costs during messenger cable install. Traditionally, above-ground cable management systems have required the installation and tensioning of thousands of feet of messenger cable one pile at a time, a lengthy process that requires regular references to temperature-dependent sag charts.

AWM’s guidance eliminates this by using a calibrated scale and winch for precise, end-to-end tensioning of the messenger cable based on temperature-agnostic guidelines.

“Our Photon Kit has been proven to reduce project install times, often improving installation rates by 2.5-times or more,” said Scott Rand, co-founder and CEO of AWM. “This is significant, since utility-scale solar investments today are challenged by rising financing costs. Project delays only serve to exacerbate the cost of capital, so quick deployment is key to recouping ROI.”

Photon Kit

AWM’s Helios Beam Rod is compatible with multiple pile types and can be attached using a simple screw. It can also be adapted to attach to cylindrical piles using a U-bolt system. Helios is available in various lengths and can accommodate angled runs, making it a cost-effective and practical solution for utility-scale solar projects on complex or uneven terrain.

“Manufactured through an extrusion process, our Helios Beam Rod is stronger, more scalable, and more corrosion-resistant than its predecessors, making it robust enough to handle even the most challenging conditions,” Rand said.

Like AWM’s other products, the Helios Beam Rod and all sub-components are manufactured in the U.S., providing a win for procurement teams looking to benefit from the IRA’s tax incentives for domestic content.


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