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BMW rolls out more technology features across its range for 2025

Bmw Rolls Out More Technology Features Across Its Range For 2025

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BMW is updating its 3 Series range for 2025, but it’s not forgetting about the rest of its lineup. It announced a handful of changes that will be rolled out during summer 2024, including new parking technology for the X1 and X2 and additional customization options for the XM.

Starting at the bottom of the portfolio, the 2025 X1 and the 2025 X2 (pictured) will be available with Parking Assistant Professional. It’s a feature that lets users park their car using their smartphone as a remote control. It works even when the driver is standing outside of the car. Parking Assistant Professional also gives both crossovers the ability to learn steering movements and perform them in reverse, which can save the driver the hassle of performing tricky maneuvers. BMW notes that only drivers who have the My BMW app can use this technology.

Additionally, it’s only compatible with cars running the BMW Operating System 9 and equipped with both Parking Assistant Plus and Comfort Access. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the Munich-based automaker will release Parking Assistant Professional via a software update.

On the other end of the spectrum, the 2025 XM Label is available in the same colors as the base XM, including Sao Paulo Yellow, Marina Bay Blue Metallic, and Isle of Man Green Metallic. The same applies to the interior: The Label is offered in the same color combos as the base XM, including Silverstone and Vintage Coffee and Deep Lagoon and Vintage Coffee. Both SUVs are also available with 23-inch wheels.

BMW is also giving other cars more interior options, and this time we’re not talking about upholstery choices. On one hand, it expanded its suite of in-car gaming titles with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Starlit Kart, Starlit Adventures, and Trivia Crack. On the other hand, it’s giving some cars a Silent Mode that mutes the entertainment system, shows less information on the digital instrument cluster, plays a screensaver on the infotainment system’s display, closes the sunshades (if the car is equipped with them), and turns off the ambient lighting. 

Silent Mode will be available on the 2025 7 Series, the 2025 iX, and the 2025 5 Series, either on cars built starting in July 2024 or as an extra-cost upgrade available through the ConnectedDrive store. X1 and X2 owners will be able to access it via BMW Digital Premium.

Full pricing for BMW’s 2025 range hasn’t been announced yet.


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