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Cadillac Expressive concept car escapes GM's vault

Cadillac Expressive Concept Car Escapes Gms Vault

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Well this is a strange (though lovely) one. We’re used to automakers showing full-scale, highly detailed concept cars to the public. After all, they cost a lot of money to create. But here we have the Cadillac Expressive, a concept coupe that was created a number of years ago, but has been hidden away in GM’s “Vault” until now. It was pulled out of mothballs for the Eyes on Design show at Ford House near Detroit. 

We’re not sure why Cadillac never showed this concept before. Maybe they didn’t want a bunch of journalists demanding it finally build one of the many pretty coupe concepts it has created. And you better believe we would have, just as we’ve asked Buick about building the Wildcat and Genesis about building the X. Just look at the long, low nose and the wide haunches. It would be superb.

Of course, by now it would probably need some updating. It’s pretty clear this is using Cadillac design language from a few years ago. It has elements from the Escala, such as the skinny headlights, thick C-pillar and narrow vertical taillights. And details like the trailing bit of chrome trim on the rear pillar and asymmetric interior treatment definitely showed up in things like the CT5. Cadillac specifically notes that the car was very much an inspiration for the CT5 and CT4 sedans.

But today, Cadillac designs are clearly being driven by the Celestiq concept’s language. That’s no bad thing. The production Celestiq and the Lyriq look superb and distinct with the glitzy light-up front fascia and unique pillars. But we’d still love to see a cool Cadillac coupe again. So how about it Cadillac? Give the Expressive a fastback roof, those nifty rear pillar taillights and a fresh face, and give us a new coupe. Maybe have it share a platform with a next-gen Camaro or something. Please. We already asked Buick about the Wildcat, we want a cool coupe.


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