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CES 2024 Live updates and reveals from LG, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Vinfast and more in Las Vegas

Ces 2024 Live Updates And Reveals From Lg Mercedes Benz Honda Vinfast And More In Las Vegas

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Panasonic introduces Neuron. Don’t worry, it’s super easy to understand. Right?

Panasonic hit the stage at CES 2024 to announce its High-Performance Compute (HPC) system. It’s named Neuron (clever, right?), and from what we can decipher, it’s a computing platform that includes both hardware and software aimed at extending a vehicle’s potential lifecycle by reducing the number of traditional high-cost components and replacing them with new versions that can be upgraded over the life of the vehicle.

For the truly techy car enthusiasts out there, here’s Panasonic’s overview:

“With a streamlined design, the Neuron HPC incorporates up-integration capability by consolidating multiple ECUs into one centralized nucleus to handle all levels of ADAS, chassis, body, and in-cabin infotainment features.”

There’s more at Panasonic’s news site, but for the rest of us, maybe a video would make things easier to understand. So here’s that.


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