CPS America provides updates on recent product launches

Cps America Provides Updates On Recent Product Launches

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CPS America has announced updates on recent product launches for the U.S. market. The 350-kW, 800-VAC three-phase string solution received certifications in September 2023 and is now in stock and available for U.S. projects from 2 MW to 2 GW.

“Having a high-energy density solution available for 1,500-VDC applications allows site owners to invest in the future of their solar project. Granularity, efficiency, and ease of serviceability are all baked into the product, allowing for systems to minimize downtimes, and maximize revenue through energy harvest,” said Anton Patton, senior products and applications engineering director.

CPS America also provided an update on its utility bundle, which is available now and provides a discount to customers purchasing the bundled solution of 250/275-kW or 350-kW inverter, switch box, breaker box, and/or MVA skid. CPS is also now shipping its 5-MWh battery containers that pair with 200-kW string inverters and integrate with an ESS inverter skid.

“Our R&D team has been listening to customer requests, which is why we have created our own balance of systems solutions for larger commercial and utility-solar sites,” said Bryan Wagner, President/GM of CPS America. “The breaker box and switch box solutions have been designed to cut construction times in half, reduce truck rolls, save on labor and material costs, as well as provide an integrated solution with serviceability in mind.”

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