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Cybertruck reviewer compares the giant windshield wiper to a 'wet noodle'

Cybertruck Reviewer Compares The Giant Windshield Wiper To A Wet Noodle

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The Cybertruck has a ginormous windshield wiper. Grace Kay
  • A reviewer said the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper is a “giant wet noodle.”
  • In a video of the wiper, it appears to flop and hang limp when peeled off the windshield.
  • Ahead of the delivery event, some speculated whether Tesla would keep the lone wiper design.

The Cybertruck’s windshield wiper has been described as ginormous, but one reviewer had another way to characterize it — “a giant wet noodle.”

In a comprehensive review of the electric pickup truck, YouTuber Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Reviews’ broke down his thoughts on the wiper and demonstrated the wiper’s flexibility. While many windshield wipers are rigid, the wiper on his Cybertruck appears to be much more flexible.

In the video, the wiper appeared to flop against the window and hang limp when Conner peeled it off the windshield.

“You have the world’s longest series production windshield wiper on a vehicle, which is just crazy,” Conner said. “The thing is a giant wet noodle. I mean it’s absolutely insane.”

Conner said the wiper was possibly missing its second wiper blade. It’s unclear whether the windshield wiper was defective or different from others that had been delivered. However, in the video, Conner pointed out that the wiper moves quickly for its size.

Last month, Tesla VP of vehicle engineering Lars Moravy told Jay Leno that Tesla had to divert from a traditional windshield wiper in order to create one that would be able to keep water off the massive windshield. He said the wiper uses just under a kilowatt of power and has a spoiler at the end that helps prevent the wiper from lifting off the windshield when the car is driving at speed.

Ahead of the vehicle’s release in November, there was some speculation whether Tesla would keep the lone, enormous wiper after photos showed it failed to clear large swathes of the windshield.

Elon Musk previously said there was “no easy solution” to the vehicle’s massive windshield, and the initial 2019 design for the Cybertruck didn’t even include windshield wipers.

Tesla began its first dozen Cybertruck deliveries on November 30.


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