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Early 2024 Buick Envision pricing is out, and there's some good news

Early 2024 Buick Envision Pricing Is Out And Theres Some Good News

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Early price guide data is out for the refreshed 2024 Buick Envision, although we’re still waiting for the Envision to emerge for behind-the-scenes drama. The automaker announced its handsome midsizer with a single photo last June, promising the debut of Super Cruise and more information before the end of the year. There have been no official updates since then. The last unofficial update came from GM Authority, the rumored intel being GM pushed the Envision’s market launch to the end of this year, and Super Cruise had been nixed from the menu. 

Autodata reported not long after the online reveal that Buick was culling front-wheel-drive Envision trims, and that’s borne out by pricing. This move usually raises prices by four figures before inflation, the profit motive, and Wall Street obligations exert their pressure; such is the case here, too. The 2023 Envision Preferred FWD still shown on the Buick retail site starts at $34,745, but the early MSRPs show buyers will need another $2,500 for a chance to open the door on a 2024 Envision.

However, there’s good news for everyone who wanted an AWD Envision. Assuming destination holds steady at $1,395, the AWD base prices and their differences from 2023 AWD trims are:

  • Preferred: $37,295 ($1,150 less)
  • Sport Touring: $39,795 ($900 less)
  • Avenir: $48,395 ($460)

Hard to complain about two of three trims costing less, and the flagship trim only costing $460 more. Oh, and the middle trim was called the Essence in 2023, we’ll eventually learn if the name change to Sport Touring involves a new feature set.  

As to changes, Buick designers gave the SUV’s front end a complete overhaul up front. A bigger grille is positioned lower on the front fascia, there’s reworked bright trim, and the new Buick emblem on the hood. Headlights are now integrated into the bumper, Jeep Cherokee-style, and LED daytime running lights replace the outgoing Envision‘s headlights. The revamped look brings the Envision in line with other recent additions to the Buick range, like the Encore. Because Buick released one picture for the summer reveal, we still have no idea what the Envision’s back end and interior look like.

In our previous post on the delay, we mused that GM might get good news and move the production date up from year-end. GMA says that’s what’s happened, production now slated for Q1 of this year at one of Buick’s plants in China. That’s more good news for everyone, Envision sales up 71% last year, one of the brand’s models that made it the fastest-growing mainstream brand in the U.S. last year.


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