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Florida dealer lists used Tesla Cybertruck for almost $300,000

Florida Dealer Lists Used Tesla Cybertruck For Almost 300000

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People have been waiting a long time for the Tesla Cybertruck, leading to some staggeringly expensive price tags on the secondhand market. A Florida Porsche dealer recently won a Manheim auction for one, paying a whopping $244,000 for the privilege, and now, the store has it listed for almost $300,000.

Porsche South Orlando’s 2024 Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series is listed for $289,999 — an almost $46,000 markup from its winning auction bid and nearly three times its original MSRP. It’s important to note that this model is not a Cyberbeast, which is significantly more expensive to start.

Tesla has a policy against flipping that could cost sellers up to $50,000, and the company has other restrictions that could require the buyer to sell it back to the automaker. While the automaker’s website currently lists the $76,390 All-Wheel Drive and $96,390 Cyberbeast for delivery in 2024, there’s no word on how many reservation holders Tesla needs to wade through, nor do we know production numbers for the truck. The build numbers were slow to start, but we expect Tesla to ramp production as 2024 progresses.

It’s easy to target this dealer for a massive markup, but they’re far from the only sellers looking for a payday. A quick run through CarGurus’ listings shows several “used” Cybertrucks for sale with $200,000-plus price tags, and one is listed for a shocking $300,000. As Auto News notes, the GMC Hummer EV also saw similar markups early in its time on sale.

John Clay Wolfe, CEO of, said on his YouTube show that it was his company that sold the truck on Manheim, noting that they paid $210,000 for the vehicle from a private seller. He did say that his company tried to buy several of them, but had difficulty finding a seller willing to challenge Tesla’s $50,000 penalty clause.

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