FranklinWH adds lifting dolly to product lineup to better install residential battery

Franklinwh Adds Lifting Dolly To Product Lineup To Better Install Residential Battery

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FranklinWH recently unveiled innovations to its Franklin Home Power solution.

The latest upgrades to FranklinWH’s aGate solution enhance functionality by minimizing the need for additional hardware on a homeowner’s wall and providing increased control over Smart Circuits through the FranklinWH App. Additionally, improvements include an integrated metering feature for energy management systems, enhanced black start capabilities including auto-load shedding for improved success during black starts, along with expanded options for generator integration.

“We have a strong pipeline of product innovations that reflects our dedication to ensuring a brighter, energy independent future,” said Gary Lam, Co-Founder and General Manager of FranklinWH. “Our solution upgrades showcase our commitment to incremental breakthroughs and substantial, ensuring that every step forward contributes to substantial achievements. This further underscores our mission to empower homeowners and installers with innovative and reliable home energy management solutions.”

In an effort to make the installation process safer and easier, FranklinWH also added the Lifting Dolly to its product lineup. The dolly enhances the installation process by providing flexibility and safety, allowing for independent wall mounting of the aPower by one installer and requiring only two installers for the entire Franklin Home Power system installation. It ensures safety through self-synchronized lifting and fixing straps. Additionally, the dolly prioritizes installer comfort, allowing for a more reasonable and comfortable labor experience, and overcoming complex ground conditions with pneumatic tires suitable for various terrains.

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