Google's Duet AI for businesses is now called Gemini too

Googles Duet Ai For Businesses Is Now Called Gemini Too

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Google doesn’t have the best track record for naming its products, especially when it comes to messaging and video chat apps, and it looks like that trend is continuing into its AI apps. After announcing its new lightweight AI model Gemma earlier today, Google is also revealing that its Duet AI for enterprises using Workspace has also been rebranded to Gemini. If you’ll recall, that’s the next-generation AI model Google announced late last year, a name which also ended up being used for its Bard AI chatbot too. What’s next, an AI model for smartwatches called Gem?

Businesses will have two Gemini for Workspace plans to choose from: Gemini Business, a new option for $20 a month that’s available to organizations of all sizes, and Gemini Enterprise, a $30 a month offering for larger companies and “heavy uses of generative AI.” Just like before, consumers will also have access to the AI features in Workspace apps by subscribing to a Google One AI Premium plan, which starts at $20 a month.

Consumers and businesses subscribed to these plans will also be able to use the Gemini chat experience at The company says it has “enterprise-grade data protections” and copyright indemnification, so it won’t use your conversations for ads, AI training or data sharing. “By leveraging Gemini 1.0 Ultra, one of our largest AI models, we are able to provide insighul and expert responses to help people at work,” Aparna Pappu, General Manager and Vice President of Google Workspace, said in a blog post. “Now, diverse teams in SMBs to large enterprises can use Gemini in more sophisticated ways with confidence that their interactions can be kept private.”


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