Greentech Renewables aids Maui disaster areas after wildfires

Greentech Renewables Aids Maui Disaster Areas After Wildfires

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Solar and storage distributor Greentech Renewables has partnered with the Footprint Project to power community relief sites with solar and energy storage following the devastating wildfires in West Maui. The Footprint Project is made up of a tenacious team of clean energy and humanitarian advocates who provide disaster relief throughout the United States. The organization provides solar generators, PV and energy storage to communities affected by natural disasters. Currently, the group has been collaborating with the local government, solar installers and microgrid industry partners to offer emergency power to designated relief sites.

“Our mission of providing cleaner energy to communities in crisis found an incredible partner in Greentech Renewables. Their support, coordination, and industry expertise brought our Maui wildfire response to the next level, and, most importantly, brought much needed help to the community. Greentech Renewables has gone above and beyond for their community and we are incredibly grateful for their partnership,” said Jamie Swezey, Project Footprint Program Director.

Greentech Renewables and the Footprint Project have been working closely together to solarize relief hubs that were formerly powered by gas generators. These sites include Pohaku Beach Park and Napili Park. The Pohaku Beach Park site (6.4-kW solar, 27.2-kWh storage) was installed with solar to provide Wi-Fi, electricity, meal services, and power appliances. Napili Park is a long-term community relief hub where medical services, meal distribution, childcare, and counseling services are being administered. The initial microgrid (9.8-kW solar, 27.2-kWh storage) was installed to provide power for Wi-Fi, tools, office equipment, and appliances. After installing the initial system, the Footprint/Greentech team was challenged to power a 40-ft refrigerated container. Less than a month after the fire, the refrigerated container was successfully powered by a (24-kW solar, 93-kWh storage) microgrid.

Prior to the implementation of these clean energy projects, these relief areas were powered by gas generators emitting harmful odors and noise. Greentech Renewables also worked in partnership with QCells, Enphase, Tesla, Sol-Ark, Fortress Power and PowerFields to provide essential relief efforts to the Maui community, along with Sunrun, Rising Sun Solar, and Jackson Electric in providing installation services. Furthermore, Greentech Renewables offered $50,000 in in-kind donation of materials to revitalize affected sites.

“Our leadership understood the scale of this disaster and wanted to make an impactful donation to the local community. By partnering with Hawaii Community Foundation and donating to the Maui Strong Fund, we know our donations will directly support the people of Maui,” said Ben McCormick, Greentech Renewables Hawaii Manager.

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