HackerOne Invests in Leaders with New Development Program

Hackerone Invests In Leaders With New Development Program

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The 14-week program focuses on developing the skills necessary to lead with self-awareness, communicate with empathy, inspire transformational work among teams, and successfully lead in a people-focused, digital first environment.

“Being a manager means solving problems that are thrown at you. It’s never boring, and knowing the tools and techniques for overcoming problems is valuable. LINKS helps me put these skills into practice to build healthy and productive teams. Through the program, I get to collaborate with my colleagues and learn about their unique challenges and experiences.” Vlad Osypov, Manager, Software Engineering, California, U.S.

The program is broken down into four phases:

  • Phase 1: Hacking the Leadership Mindset
  • Phase 2: Decrypting Employee Potential
  • Phase 3: Assembling Elite Teams
  • Phase 4: Ultimate Codebreak Challenge

LINKS brings leaders together through a carefully designed cohort experience where employees collaborate and grow the skills to lead themselves and their teams. The program consists of seven instructor-led sessions developed around critical leadership topics, up to six coaching engagements, and curated independent learning.

“Career development programs, like LINKS, are important to me because they show that the company is invested in my success and the company’s success. Investing in employees in this way aligns with the company’s leadership expectations and sharpens the skills of all leaders with varying experience. I enjoy developing my skills professionally rather than having to figure it out on my own.” – Marie Jonas, Manager, Marketing Automation, Nevada, U.S.

The program is designed to be interactive while balancing independent work. On average, participants spend 1.5 hours per week learning and developing new skills through the following course sessions:

  • Pre-work that further prepares participants for the instructor-led sessions
  • Seven instructor-led sessions developed around critical leadership topics
  • Up to 6 coaching sessions with a Talent Strategy Partner
  • Curated independent learning
  • Additional resources to go deeper into areas of learning
  • Challenges to apply learnings 
  • Ongoing cohort collaboration and support as they grow their HackerOne careers
  • A capstone project where participants apply everything they have learned to create and present a strategic leadership plan for their own team

HackerOne recognizes the importance of strong leadership development programs for promoting employee engagement and retention and driving performance and innovation. This program, designed by the HackerOne Talent Strategy Team, reinforces our commitment to investing in employee development and building a high-performing team.

“LINKS helped me identify how to ensure each person on my team feels supported and receives feedback in a way that feels digestible and encouraging to them, whether it’s constructive or positive feedback. LINKS is a great reminder of how adapting as a leader to the individual needs of your team is crucial in creating that psychological safety.” – Bea Matthews, Manager, North America Sales Development, Illinois, U.S. 

HackerOne is developing leadership skills such as strategic thinking, problem-solving, and change management through the LINKS program. This will enable employees to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.


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