HackerOne’s Next Stage of Growth

Hackerones Next Stage Of Growth

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When I joined 9 years ago, I told the founders we would need 10 years to reach a certain revenue goal. I said we would build a company that defines and leads its category. I signed up for and committed to the mission and values. I decided I would learn to hang out with hackers. I wanted HackerOne to become a brand respected by all. I wanted to empower the world. With the help of the incredible team of hackeronies, these goals have been achieved.

Why now? Answer: We are strong and positioned to hire a terrific new leader for this company. We have excellent leadership in place on multiple levels, we are leaders in our core business, and our new products are growing well and showing amazing progress. We are in a financially strong position.

AI is bringing an industry phase shift that will catapult HackerOne forward. The CEO of HackerOne needs to be committed for many more years.

I have no doubt that the HackerOne team will deliver stellar execution while we search for a new CEO and continued strong business results when the new leader is appointed. In addition to guiding this transition, I will remain on the board to support the company’s growth and success. And as you would expect, I will continue to be an active voice within the industry to help build a better digital future for all.

We believe in transparency at HackerOne, and that’s why I am sharing this news. I have always sought to build HackerOne for resilience and sustained success so that the organization can sustain the loss of any individual, including me.

I’m confident that when a new CEO is appointed, HackerOne will be onto an even greater future. Go HackerOne!


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