HackerOne’s Spring Day of Service

Hackerones Spring Day Of Service

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We wasted no time reaching out to HackerOne employees for the inaugural Day of Service. In just a short span of time, we received 40 sign-ups for various projects around the world. Seeing our team members’ commitment as they stepped up to help their communities was amazing. 

From coast to coast in the U.S., volunteers in New England, Texas, California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, and North Carolina tackled beach cleanups, volunteered at the local library, planted native plants, and organized no-cost food markets. 

“Taking the time to give back on HackerOne’s Day of Service was a humbling experience. The day was great. I immediately felt like our work was making an impact, and I could see how the Just One Project gives back to the Las Vegas community in an immense way. It was a reminder of why volunteering is so important.”  – Marie Jonas, Manager, Marketing Automation, Nevada, U.S.

Internationally, our colleagues in the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, and the U.K. joined in, contributing their time to open-source projects, planning games for those in care homes, rehoming hens, collecting and dropping off donations, and participating in Earth Day cleanups. The collective effort and the diverse nature of these activities highlight the universal appeal and importance of giving back to our communities.

“Spending the day playing games with the wonderful residents of the care home not only brought joy to their hearts but profoundly enriched my own. It’s a beautiful reminder that in giving, we receive so much more.” – Priscila Vasconcelos, Lead Product Designer, Amsterdam, Netherlands

As we look forward to the next Day of Service in the fall, we are motivated by our initial efforts’ incredible response and outcomes. 

Day of Service is about what we can accomplish as a team and the personal growth and connections we foster through these acts of service. It is an opportunity for us to come together, leveraging our collective power to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

“Team-building activities are always great at H1, but being able to bond while also making a positive impact felt like a win-win for us all. Not only are we on a mission to make the internet a safer place, we’re equally committed to leaving the earth a better place than we found it. I’m proud to have found a home at HackerOne.” – Jake Winckowski, Manager, Support & Mediation, Colorado, U.S.


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