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How to clean leather seats

How To Clean Leather Seats

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Cleaning your car’s interior is as important as washing the exterior, perhaps even more important in some instances. Spraying and wiping down seats can remove dirt, grime, mildew, and sticky spills to make your interior look and feel nicer. Every type of interior material, whether it’s cloth, leather, suede or Alcantara, has its own special cleaning products. To clean leather, you will want a cleaner and a conditioner. The leather cleaner will clean the texture of the seats while the conditioner adds moisture and protection to keep the leather fresh and clean. Here is a guide on how to clean and condition leather seats in 4 easy steps.

Tools you’ll need to clean leather seats 

Instructions for cleaning leather seats

Step 1: Vacuum up loose dirt and other debris 

Before using any leather cleaning solution, you will want to get rid of dirt and other debris throughout the car. Using a handheld vacuum or the vacuum from a gas station or car wash should suffice.

Step 2: Apply leather cleaner

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Apply the cleaner onto the seats, this can be done by using a leather cleaning spray or applying it to a sponge or towel. After applying it on the seats, wipe it with a clean microfiber towel. 

Step 3: Add conditioner to your seats

Apply the leather conditioner. Lather it on with a soft-bristle cleaning brush if you have one. If not, let the conditioner sit on the seats, giving it time to dry. This usually takes about 2 hours, but check the packaging to be sure how long you should wait.

Step 4: Wipe it down for the final touches

Wipe off any excess conditioner once it has dried. You should now have a clean and refreshed leather interior. If you are unsatisfied with your results, then repeat the process.

Leather seat cleaning FAQs

Do I have to use a leather conditioner?

You don’t necessarily have to, but it’s strongly recommended if you want to preserve the quality of your leather.

How often should I condition leather seats?

The conditioner needs to be reapplied once every 3 months. But to be sure, make sure you check the packaging

Can leather cleaner be used for leather furniture?

Yes, leather cleaner can be used to clean most leather surfaces. This includes not just car seats, but also furniture, shoes, purses, bags, bike seats and saddles.

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