K2 Systems develops wire clip for railed and rail-less PV projects

K2 Systems Develops Wire Clip For Railed And Rail Less Pv Projects

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Solar racking company K2 Systems unveiled its latest product, a wire management clip capable of working on both railed and rail-less solar systems. The K2 4 Wire Dragon Clip is designed replace zip ties or various cable clips. Its design allows it to attach directly to the PV module frame.

The K2 4 Wire Dragon Clip.

Key features of the K2 4 Wire Dragon Clip include:

  1. Durable materials: Constructed from stainless steel, the Wire Dragon Clip has a UV-resistant nylon body that reduces the risk of sharp edges damaging cable insulations.
  2. Streamlined installation: Tool-less installation simplifies the process. Just clip it onto the module flange and push cables into place.
  3. Secure cable management: Capable of securing up to four PV cables or two Enphase Q Cables.
  4. Proprietarily universal: Compatible with all K2 Systems.

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