Learn to Secure Petabyte-Scale Data in a Webinar with Industry Titans

Learn To Secure Petabyte Scale Data In A Webinar With Industry Titans

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Jun 14, 2024The Hacker News

Data Security

Data is growing faster than ever. Remember when petabytes (that’s 1,000,000 gigabytes!) were only for tech giants? Well, that’s so last decade! Today, businesses of all sizes are swimming in petabytes.

But this isn’t just about storage anymore. This data is ALIVE—it’s constantly accessed, analyzed, shared, and even used to train the next wave of AI.

This creates a huge challenge: how do you secure such a vast, ever-changing landscape?

That’s why we’ve brought together a powerhouse panel of industry experts who have not only faced these challenges but conquered them.

Join us for an exclusive webinar, “Data Security at the Petabyte Scale,” and gain insights from the best in the field:

  • Shaun Marion: Former CISO of McDonald’s, a global brand with data security demands on a massive scale.
  • Robert Bigman: Former CISO at the CIA, where protecting classified information at the highest levels is paramount.
  • Asaf Kochan: Former head of Unit 8200 (Israel’s elite cyber intelligence unit) and Co-Founder and President of Sentra, a leading data security platform.
  • Swathi Joshi: VP, SaaS Cloud Security at Oracle, a veteran in safeguarding data across diverse cloud environments.

In this must-attend webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to adapt your data security strategies to keep pace with explosive data growth
  • Best practices for managing access control and monitoring in petabyte-scale environments
  • Strategies for mitigating risks associated with third-party data access and data movement
  • Insights into the unique security challenges posed by LLM model training
  • Future-proofing your data security approach for the era of big data

Whether you’re a CISO, security engineer, IT professional, or business leader, if you’re responsible for protecting your company’s data, this webinar is essential. Secure your place in this exclusive webinar and be part of the future of data security.

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