Leeward completes 200-MW Texas solar project

Leeward Completes 200 Mw Texas Solar Project

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Leeward Renewable Energy (LRE) announced that it completed construction and commenced operation of its 200-MW Horizon Solar Project. LRE started work on the project in 2022. Located near Pearsall in Frio County, Texas, the project will provide Verizon renewable energy under a previously announced Renewable Energy Purchase Agreement (REPA).

Throughout the operational lifespan of Horizon Solar, greenhouse gas emissions avoided are estimated to be equivalent to powering 1.2 million Texan households. 1,2 The project will provide numerous benefits to the local community, including approximately $30 million in tax payments that will directly support the local county and schools. During construction, the project created approximately 400 jobs.

“LRE is pleased to have completed another successful project that will provide our longstanding customer, Verizon, with renewable energy,” said Omar Aboudaher, LRE’s senior VP of development. “None of this would have been possible without the supportive, wonderful community in Frio County, who welcomed our team and this project.”

LRE projects are managed across the full project lifecycle with environmental, social and cultural considerations. The company has implemented a variety of sustainable land management practices at Horizon Solar, including the introduction of sheep grazing for vegetation control in April 2024, a comprehensive biodiversity management plan, and the planting of pollinator-friendly native plant species. This multifaceted approach increases land productivity, provides farmers with supplementary income and contributes to advancing the transition to clean energy.

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