Mach partners with autonomous mower OEMs to support solar industry

Mach Partners With Autonomous Mower Oems To Support Solar Industry

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With an increased emphasis from the federal government on solar energy, the cost of mowing and property upkeep will be an increasing need across the solar industry. In response to this growth, Mach, a manufacturer of autonomous technologies, announced the launch of advanced technologies tailored for solar field mowing applications.

By leveraging Mach’s proven foundation of technologies in navigation, path planning, vehicle networking and sensor fusion, Mach has been able to create a highly customizable solution for autonomous solar field operations. This allows for the importation of site plans, job progress mapping, vision-based steering through pylons and GPS denied operations, all while maintaining safe operations. Additionally, by leveraging Mach’s ruggedized hardware solutions, mower Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) targeting the solar space have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate the entire tech stack and scale up production quickly.

“Traditionally mowing and spraying can be extremely labor-intensive and costly, impacting the overall efficiency and profitability of solar projects,” said Colin Hurd, Mach CEO. “Recognizing the challenge, Mach is excited to partner with OEMs to bring autonomous solutions to the solar industry.”

A tailored approach for OEMs

OEMs in the solar space have specific needs which are currently not being met due to a lack of solutions. Mach’s autonomous solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing OEM vehicles, providing companies and end users with the solutions they have been looking for. By partnering with Mach, OEMs can stay at the forefront of innovation, offering clients state-of-the-art autonomous solutions to enhance operational efficiency, reduce recurring labor costs and greatly increase safety.

Mach’s entrance into the solar industry will pave the way for OEMs to support and grow market share within the rapidly expanding space, ensuring that solar farms operate at peak efficiency.

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