Marvel's What If…? for Apple Vision Pro gets a trailer and release date

Marvels What If For Apple Vision Pro Gets A Trailer And Release Date

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Earlier this month, Marvel and ILM Immersive announced that What If…? would be coming to the Apple Vision Pro in the form of an “immersive story” based on the Disney+ original. The original announcement didn’t offer much in the way of detail but now we’ve got an official trailer and release date, with the title arriving on May 30.

The mixed reality game’s trailer features the Watcher who needs help fighting “dangerous variants from across the Multiverse.” Can you guess whose been chosen for this mission? That’s right, you. Soon Wong appears and the Watcher tasks them with teaching you to cast spells and harness the Infinity Stones’ power — which Wong reluctantly agrees to do. You will also meet game versions of Thanos, Hela, Red Guardian and more characters.

Overall, What If…? should take you on quite a journey. “As they step into breathtaking environments, they will cross between mixed and virtual reality as they enter new and iconic MCU locations,” ILM Immersive stated in a release. “Fans will use their hands and eyes to interact with the world around them, becoming immersed with stunning visuals and spatial audio, and work to save the fate of reality as they live out their narrative journey. Together, these groundbreaking features and more will remind them that time, space, and reality are more than a linear path.”

What If…? will be available on Apple Vision Pro starting May 30 and you’ll be able to grab it as a free app for a limited time. However, you will need to have dropped $3,500 for the device so it’s still going to cross you a pretty penny to play.


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