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Mercedes-Benz re-releases ski rack for classic 300SL roadster

Mercedes Benz Re Releases Ski Rack For Classic 300sl Roadster

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Vintage convertibles and ski trips rarely go together, but Mercedes-Benz’s Classic division is looking to change that. It re-released a metal ski rack designed to fit the W198-generation 300SL, which was related to the famous Gullwing coupe and built from 1957 to 1963.

Unveiled at the annual Retromobile show in Paris, the ski rack looks almost exactly like what you’d buy if you could travel back in time to, say, 1960. It consists of two pieces: there’s a big, arch-shaped frame that rests on the quarter panels and attaches to the rear wheel arches, and a much smaller frame that goes on the rear bumper. The angle of the rear end ensures that the skis clear the soft top when it’s closed.

Pricing for the ski rack hasn’t been announced, but it will presumably be sold through participating Mercedes-Benz dealers around the world. This is a factory-designed part, not an aftermarket equipment, and the German brand has generally done an admirably good job of helping enthusiasts keep its classic models on the road. While it’s a cool accessory, what remains to be seen is whether anyone will use it.

These SLs have become seriously sought-after by collectors and they trade hands for seven-digit sums; RM Sotheby’s sold a 1957 model finished in a one-year-only color called Strawberry Red Metallic for $1,215,000 in 2023 and a 1961 model with factory-fitted disc brakes for $1,462,500 that same year. Cast in this light, the case for leaving the SL at home and taking the G63 to the slopes isn’t difficult to make. 

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