Motorola is the latest to offer a Bluetooth tracker with the Moto Tag

Motorola Is The Latest To Offer A Bluetooth Tracker With The Moto Tag

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There’s a new Bluetooth tracking option for absent-minded Android owners: Motorola today unveiled the Moto Tag. The company didn’t share the exact release date for the device, but said it would be available “in the coming months in select markets.” We also don’t have any price information yet.

Moto Tag runs on Google’s Find My Device infrastructure, both for location data and privacy protections. A tracker isn’t much good if it stops working, and Motorola claims the Moto Tag will last for a year on a single battery charge, assuming optimal conditions. In a tacit acknowledgement that the design of these trackers has already become standardized, Motorola’s release noted that the Moto Tag fits into “most third-party accessories already on the market.” So if you’ve been using AirTags, or one of the similarly-shaped Bluetooth trackers on the market, the Moto Tag should work with your existing case. Could be a nice option for anyone interested in picking up one of the company’s new foldable phones who wants to keep their tech to a single brand.

While Bluetooth trackers have obvious practical benefits, especially for those of us who easily lose track of belongings, serious security concerns have also risen around the devices. Worries about stalking and theft have dogged the product category since their launch, although Apple and Google recently rolled out a rare joint effort to help combat that issue. Tile also faced more direct security issues with a hacking breach earlier this month.


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