Opera’s game-focused browser gets an AI ‘copilot’

Operas Game Focused Browser Gets An Ai Copilot

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Opera has rolled out a new version of its browser for gamers with the same generative AI features that launched with its One browser. The company debuted its Aria AI with the One browser that came out in June. At the time, Opera also gave its Android browser the AI treatment, but the GX browser for gamers remained AI-less. Now, the company is giving GX users the choice to use Aria’s features — if they want. They’ll have to enable “Early Bird” in settings and then switch on “Aria Extension” and “Aria Command Line” to be able to use the AI assistant. And, like in the other versions of the company’s browser, users will have to log into their Opera account. 

Once they activate the AI, though, they’ll get a new command line where they can type ctrl+ / on Windows or cmd+ / on Mac to display an overlay where they interact with Aria. They can then ask Aria questions through that overlay, which they can also launch from the sidebar. Opera said users can ask Aria gaming-related questions, such as “Has [a certain game] finally launched yet?” and “How can I kick off my streaming career?” Of course, users can easily find the answers to those questions by using a search engine the old way, but Aria provides an in-browser alternative in the same way Edge’s AI co-pilot does. 

In addition, users can take advantage of Aria’s AI Prompt capability by highlighting any text in the browser to bring up contextual information. When Opera introduced its browser’s generative AI features, it included examples in which Aria turned chunks of text on the page into soap opera dialogue or into quiz questions. Aria AI is now available in over 180 countries, so most people can access it with GX and Opera’s One browsers. Those interested can download the browser for gamers if they want to give it a try from Opera’s website

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