Planted Solar’s automated construction platform to be used on projects in Illinois

Planted Solars Automated Construction Platform To Be Used On Projects In Illinois

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Automated construction startup Planted Solar just announced it has signed 11 MW of projects in the Chicago area with project developer Cultivate Power.

Planted Solar’s integrated system combines development software, high-density terrain-following arrays and construction robots to help solar developers deliver projects faster.

Planted Solar’s platform has just a 2-acre per megawatt footprint that allows developers to create new opportunities near valuable interconnection points and cut down on land use. The company says it offers a 50% reduction in balance of system costs, fewer installation hours and less risk. The all-terrain arrays can be built on slopes up to 27%, eliminate grading and preserving existing topography.

“Planted Solar gives our team a strategic tool to be stewards of the land and develop better projects with our community partners,” said Brian Matthay, co-founder and Managing Director of Cultivate Power. “Cultivate is focused on collaborating with landowners and communities so we can integrate solar seamlessly with the local environment and agricultural operations.”

Planted Solar has raised $20 million in Series A funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) and Khosla Ventures. This financial backing and a U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office award support the commercial launch and scale-up of Planted Solar’s high-throughput solar power deployment product.

“Although the solar industry has experienced phenomenal growth, significant advances are needed for the next phase of scalability,” said Eric Brown, CEO of Planted Solar. “We’ve redesigned the power plant from the ground up with integrated software, hardware, and automation to help developers create new opportunities on land previously considered unviable and quickly power the world with clean energy. The development team at Cultivate has successfully developed gigawatts of solar power across the United States in their careers. Planted Solar is thrilled to partner with Cultivate Power to kick off the terawatt era of solar power.”

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