Record-breaking solar + storage portfolio under construction in Mississippi

Record Breaking Solar Storage Portfolio Under Construction In Mississippi

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Origis Energy and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) have begun construction on the first of three solar + storage projects in Mississippi with a total capacity of 550 MW plus 150 MW of battery storage. This is the largest battery storage portfolio announced in Mississippi and the largest solar portfolio under construction in the state.

Origis Energy

Golden Triangle II, a 150-MWAC project with 50-MW battery storage, is expected to be complete in spring 2024. Golden Triangle I, a 200-MWac project with 50 MW of battery storage, is expected to be completed in summer 2024. The Golden Triangle projects are located in Lowndes County. Optimist, a 200-MWac project with 50 MW of battery storage located in Clay County, has a projected completion date in mid-2025.

The three projects were developed, are being constructed and will be operated by Origis Energy. Each will deliver clean energy under power purchase agreements executed between TVA and Origis. TVA will then use the power to help meet the sustainability goals of some of its large industrial customers, along with residents in Mississippi.

“TVA is a clean energy leader, and we’re working with partners, like Origis, to add solar power to our system to meet customer demand,” said Jeremy Fisher, SVP commercial energy solutions with TVA. “Projects like these, ensure we can continue to provide affordable, reliable, resilient and sustainable energy to fuel the region’s economic growth.”

Estimated economic benefits from the three projects include $106 million in near-term construction and hiring gains to the area. Over the life of the solar plants, they will provide another $145 million in estimated regional economic benefits.

“By helping companies meet their renewable goals, it becomes very attractive to locate or expand in Mississippi,” said Johan Vanhee, chief commercial and procurement officer of Origis. “We are pleased to partner with the Tennessee Valley Authority to use sustainability as an economic development tool, and what’s good for the environment is also good for business.”

RES is providing construction services to Origis for the portfolio, employing an estimated 300 people over the course of the three projects. Upon completion of the plants, Origis Energy Services will operate and maintain the portfolio, employing nine on-site jobs over the 35-plus years of the project’s life. The utility-scale battery storage for each site is provided by Mitsubishi Power Americas. Roughly 1.5 million solar panel modules will be installed at the three sites, enough to power an estimated 126,000 homes.

“As the momentum behind renewable energy projects continues to surge throughout the United States, the significance of battery energy storage as a linchpin for a sustainable energy future cannot be overstated. Our enthusiasm is palpable as we embark on the construction of these vital projects, aiming not only to enhance the efficiency and capacity of solar initiatives but also to bolster Origis and TVA in achieving their commendable sustainability objectives,” said Tom Cornell, Senior Vice President of Energy Storage Solutions at Mitsubishi Power Americas.

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