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Rolls-Royce dealer incentive could take $15K off a Cullinan or Ghost

Rolls Royce Dealer Incentive Could Take 15k Off A Cullinan Or Ghost

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When a carmaker wants last year’s models off dealer lots at the beginning of the new year, one standard tactic is to offer incentives either to customers or to dealers. Rolls-Royce is an automaker with last year’s models on dealer lots at the beginning of the new year, and on top of that, a refreshed Cullinan and a refreshed Ghost are due later this year. That explains the dealer bulletin Cars Direct said it saw that informs dealers, “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA is introducing a Non-FS and Regional Rate Cash Program to stimulate sales and to promote all aging units to be retailed by the end of March 2024.” The cash specifics: $15,000 that can be spent on the $375,000 Cullinan and Black Badge Cullinan, as well as the $350,000 Ghost, Ghost Extended and Black Badge Ghost. 

The “non-FS” part refers to the financial services division, meaning the vehicles in the promotion can’t be financed through the automaker’s loan department. BMW, Rolls-Royce’s parent company, makes this distinction regularly, offering a $9,900 “Non FS Credit” on the XM last November, for instance. In that case, buyers who did finance an XM through BMW Financial were also offered a $9,900 loan credit. No such deal on the English side of the Munich empire.

Because this is a factory-to-dealer incentive, dealers don’t need to disclose the offer nor give the buyer the benefit even if a buyer knows about it; this is a reward for the storefront for getting the model off the lot at a price the dealer is happy with, not an incentive for a shopper. Don’t get the idea that Rolls-Royce shoppers are put off by discounts, though. It’s all about the phrasing and the delivery. Dropping $15,000 on the hood would be unthinkable. A dealer asking an interested shopper who’s on the fence, “What if I threw in the 21-inch tri-colored pinstripe wheels you want and took $10,000 off?” Well, that’s making a deal, and everyone loves making a deal.

So if Santa was especially kind, or you were especially naughty and made your own bundle, there’s almost three months left to take advantage. According to the bulletin, the program ends March 31, 2024.

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