Smappee unveils EV Wall charger to US market

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Smappee recently launched its latest EV Wall charger in the United States. Designed for both residential and commercial use, this smart charger can be optimized with solar and use Smappee’s built-in solar forecasting technology to maximize EV charging with solar power, enhancing self-sufficiency, savings and promoting environmentally friendly daytime charging.


The charger’s AI-based system can also intelligently manage charging to avoid high-cost periods and utility penalties by allowing users to set peak demand preferences, while also ensuring drivers have a full charge by departure time.

With a power output of 48A, wall-mounted design, and an 18-ft cable, the EV Wall offers convenience without compromising on performance. The charger is fully UL 2231 certified.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Smappee EV Wall Charger to the US market. With its advanced energy management capabilities, this charger empowers consumers and businesses to make smarter, more sustainable choices while enjoying the benefits of reliable electric mobility. Smappee is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance energy efficiency and accelerate the energy transition,” said Stefan Grosjean, Founder and CEO of Smappee.

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