Sony may have paused PS VR2 production to clear a backlog of unsold units

Sony May Have Paused Ps Vr2 Production To Clear A Backlog Of Unsold Units

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The PlayStation VR2 doesn’t seem to have been a major hit for Sony. Just over a year after the headset debuted, the company has paused production until it deals with a stockpile of unsold inventory, according to Bloomberg.

The company is said to have manufactured well more than 2 million units. According to analysts at IDC, the company sold around 1.7 million headsets in 2023. Perhaps most concerningly for Sony, sales appeared to have slowed significantly throughout the year. Hardware sales often pick up ahead of the holidays, but the fourth quarter was the most sluggish sales period yet for PS VR2 per IDC — the firm says Sony sold just 325,200 units during those three months.

A dearth of compelling games (or at least the perception that's the case) hasn't helped make the PS VR2 attractive to prospective buyers. Overall, Sony has only released four VR experiences for the headset and is yet to announce any other first-party games for the platform. It also recently shuttered its London Studio, one of its few in-house developers that had been making VR games. The lack of backward compatibility for games from the original PS VR headset may have harmed the current model's prospects too.

In our review, senior editor Devindra Hardawar gave the PS VR2 a score of 84, feeling that while it was a great headset overall, the high price and doubts over long-term support were significant concerns. Additionally, the headset only works with a PS5, but that could be about to change.

Sony recently revealed that it was testing official PC support for the PS VR2, and it hopes to roll that out later this year. That could potentially give the company a much larger customer base for those who are interested in the hardware but don’t want a PS5. As such, that might help it sell some of its stockpile. Another thing that would help is reducing the price. At $550, the PS VR2 costs more than a PS5, which is absurd.

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