Span unveils new smart electrical panels for new and retrofit home construction

Span Unveils New Smart Electrical Panels For New And Retrofit Home Construction

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Home energy management company Span has expanded its product family of smart electrical panels and associated products.

The Span Panel product line now includes:

  • Span Panel 48 – The largest addition to the Span Panel family, the Span Panel 48 is geared toward new home construction, enabling builders to avoid expensive infrastructure costs when building all-electric or future electric homes, with energy management, storage and charging capabilities of Span Panel 32.
  • Span Panel 32 – Currently available and deployed across the United States, Span Panel 32 serves both the retrofit and new home construction categories, providing software-defined, whole-home backup management when paired with one of several compatible energy storage systems, as well as reducing the costs of electrification.
  • Span Panel 16/24 – Focused on retrofit electrification, Span Panel 16/24 is a field-adaptable, smaller Panel form factor that enables Span PowerUp functionality for major electric load additions, reducing both hardware and labor costs compared to larger panel form factors.
  • Span Meter 8 – Designed to offer unparalleled capabilities when paired with smart meters, Span Meter 8 offers utility/grid operators advanced metering, submetering, demand flexibility and better utilization of the distribution infrastructure.

In addition to the expanded form factor, Span is expanding the Panel family to include 208-V in addition to 240-V versions, enabling electrification in multi-family and small commercial buildings.

With this expanded product family, more customers will have access to Span’s energy management functionality, PowerUp, released in Q4 of 2023. With PowerUp, Span ensures customers will not go above the utility service their homes are rated for, an important factor when considering the increased electric loads to adopt EVs and the transition away from gas appliances. With PowerUp, homeowners can safely and cost-effectively electrify their homes in addition to adding visibility and control to help save on energy bills.

“The expanded family of Span panels along with our unique service-upgrade avoidance capability now allows us to accelerate the electrification of multiple building types,” said Arch Rao, CEO of Span. “These products are the result of an extraordinary team and the invaluable feedback from our launch partners in the new homes and utility categories. With an ambitious vision to electrify 10 million buildings in a decade, we are well positioned to address the market demand delivering value to customers at all stages of their electrification journey.”

Span currently has panels deployed in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Span will continue to expand the functionality of its installed products via regular over-the-air updates. The expanded family will begin roll-out in Q4 of this year beginning with the Span Panel 48.

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