Sungrow livestreams fire test on PowerTitan ESS system to show its safety

Sungrow Livestreams Fire Test On Powertitan Ess System To Show Its Safety

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Sungrow recently livestreamed a fire test on its PowerTitan energy storage system. The test featured four PowerTitan 2.752-MWh systems, and the container was intentionally set on fire to test it could contain thermal runaway without spreading to other units.

“This elevates our commitment to industry safety and transparency in commerce to a level few have achieved,” said Hank Wang, President of Sungrow Americas.

The test, conducted in May at a third-party lab in China, simulated a real energy storage plant scenario and was akin to the tests performed in the UL 9540A test, of which Sungrow had already completed to reach UL 9540 compliance. During the test, explosion relief panels at the top activated automatically, venting the fire upward without spreading to adjacent battery cabins and energy storage units. The top exhaust and venting design and fire-resistance bulkheads helped PowerTitan1.0 energy storage system successfully pass this real fire test, achieving the expected objectives.

Sungrow’s PowerTitan series of battery energy storage systems minimize the chance of a fire occurring by using liquid cooling, which prevents dust and humidity from entering the system. The systems effectively suppress thermal runaway propagation through rapid arc shutdown, self-sealing coolant loop connectors, inter-rack fusing protection, and advanced temperature management, which limits battery cell variations to 2.5° C.

“By ensuring the highest safety standards, Sungrow’s technology abates safety concerns and helps encourage the adoption of utility-scale storage systems throughout the energy industry,” Wang said.

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