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Tesla Cybertruck gets dissected in T Sportsline videos

Tesla Cybertruck Gets Dissected In T Sportsline Videos

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T Sportline makes aftermarket accessories for Teslas, its pipeline for the Cybertruck already flowing. The company’s YouTube channel has done an equivalent favor for enthusiasts that its products do for Tesla owners, which is to show detailed aspects of the Cybertruck that Tesla’s handover event and website have not. We’re most interested in the two-part “Dissecting a Tesla Cybertruck” and the truly deep dive into driving mode pages, plus the bonus feature about the air compressor port behind the rear wheel arch. The first “Dissecting” vid looks at the underbody from bumper to bumper, including what’s in the wheel arches. Tesla engineers built in some neat features like a pad for lift arms when working on the truck, indentations that could be intended as support points for jack stands, and exposed bolt holes for side steps and rock sliders.

There are some interesting omissions as well, like increased protection for the battery pack and proper skid plating outside the battery pack. Of course, those are mainly applicable to owners who plan hardcore off-roading. Based on trends in the general market, the Cybertruck won’t do much of that. However, for those few, T Sportsline also notes that the design of the front suspension means there’s less than an inch of clearance between an upper knuckle bolt and the top of the stock 35-inch front tire, so 37s will be out of the question without some intense modifications.

The second “Dissecting” video moves up the truck, pulling back the frunk liner to check out items like the auxiliary power feeds. There are two such feeds of 48 volts and up to 400 watts on the truck, one in the roof that will probably mainly serve light arrays, the other behind the frunk that could do lights, winches, and other accessories. These feeds are different than power outlets, which are grouped in three areas, two in the cabin and one in the bed. 

In the video about the off-road modes, we begin to see how much variety Tesla built into configuring handling and ride height. The host flips through the numerous pages to explain permutations and combinations, takes the Cybertruck back to the shop to answer questions that arise from navigating the pages, then measures specs like tire clearance and ground clearance to see where one of the first delivery units stands in relation to the advertised capability. In some spots, it’s even better, ground clearance measuring 17 inches as opposed to the 16 inches we’ve been told about.

If you want a no-nonsense look at some of the Cybertruck’s dirty bits and points of pride, hit the play buttons. 


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