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Tesla Cybertruck recalls cover nearly 12,000 vehicles

Tesla Cybertruck Recalls Cover Nearly 12000 Vehicles

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Tesla has recalled nearly 12,000 Cybertruck models over two campaigns, and unlike many of Tesla’s official recalls, these are not issues that can be resolved with an over-the-air software update. This is the fourth recall of the Cybertruck; the first was to correct the font sizing on some warning lights on the trucks‘ instrument panel, while the second was to replace or repair accelerator pedals that could get stuck.

The first of two new recalls, according to documentation posted by the National Highway Safety Administration, will see 11,688 Cybertrucks return to the dealer to replace their front windshield wiper motor. “Excessive electrical current can cause the front windshield wiper motor controller to fail,” according to NHTSA. It’s possible that the motors have been overstressed, which could lead to failure. These parts will be replaced free of charge.

The second new recall covers 11,383 Cybertrucks to fix trunk bed trim sail applique pieces that could have been improperly adhered. If these bits fall off, they could cause danger to vehicles following the electric trucks. “Tesla service will apply adhesion promoter and pressure sensitive tape or replace missing applique as necessary, free of charge,” according to NHTSA documentation.

The majority of Cybertrucks that have been delivered and are in customer hands are likely affected by both of these recalls. The total numbers are different by a few hundred units because the trunk trim pieces were remedied (seemingly by using a better adhesive process) at the factory beginning on May 28, 2024. While the wiper motor issue was also officially recognized on May 28, it would seem the fix wasn’t fully completed at the factory until some time after.

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