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Tesla Cybertruck shows off new aero wheel cover for a base tire package

Tesla Cybertruck Shows Off New Aero Wheel Cover For A Base Tire Package

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Earlier this month, the Tesla heads at T Sportsline put out a video on an issue with Tesla Cybertruck wheel covers. The covers are ringed with rubber extensions that overlap with the tire sidewall; when the tire sidewall deforms at the base of the tire while driving, the extensions were coming into contact with the Goodywear Wrangler A/T tires. It’s believed Tesla pulled the covers off the market while it engineers a fix — the $75 covers have been listed as “Out of Stock” at the Cybertruck accessories shop for at least a month. An X user named Nic Cruz Patane got info on a new set of covers, posting a video to X with the refreshed look. Look, ma, no fingers over the sidewall.

Patane said these are not the redesigned covers for the top-level Cybertrucks. For the moment, the Cybertruck Foundation Series is only one being delivered, on 20-inch premium wheels wrapped in the Goodyear Wranglers — the same tires as in the video. It’s expected that Tesla will offer a base wheel on a more street-focused tire, and Cruz’s comment that these smaller covers will come on the Pirelli Scorpion ATR would support that. The Pirellis are can handle light off-road work, but are regarded as a quieter tire with a lower rolling resistance than the Goodyears, and were once sold as OEM fit on vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler, Lexus GX 470 and Hummer H2.

We don’t know why these covers are on the premium tire. Cruz seems to know what he’s talking about with Tesla info, though, he being the one who posted about the Cybertruck’s Wade Mode and the Cybertruck’s first crash.

What’s not in question is that these covers are different to the old version. The aero covers with the extensions were a sold central piece ringed with soft rubber. This cover is designed with slats near the edges, which we’d normally associate with vents for brake cooling. The center cap is also recessed into the cover as opposed to standing out from the cover. These base units aren’t as cyber as the premium covers, but we don’t mind them in the least. They haven’t appeared in the Tesla accessories shop yet, but they’ll ll be the base comparison whenever the redesigned premium covers are ready.


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