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The best dog seatbelts of 2024

The Best Dog Seatbelts Of 2024

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Bringing your dog along when driving can be quite the experience for you and them. Some pet owners allow their dogs to roam freely around the vehicle, but this is not recommended as it can distract the driver — and would cause a more severe injury to the dog in an accident. If you take your four-legged friend with you on road trips, consider getting a dog seatbelt. Dog seatbelts attach to your buddy’s harness and to your vehicle’s restraint system. Here are the best dog seatbelts that are currently for sale at Amazon.

Cooyoo Dog Seat Belt 2

$9.34 at Amazon

Key features

  • #1 best-selling Dog Car Harness on Amazon
  • Adjustable length ranging from 24” to 31”
  • Elastic buffer design
  • Made with high-quality nylon
  • 360° rotation

The Cooyoo Dog Seat Belt is currently the best-selling Dog Harness on Amazon. This harness has an adjustable length that ranges between 24” up to 31” and has a 360° rotating clip to prevent shaking while driving.  

Active Pets Dog Car Harness 1

$7.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • Adjustable length ranging between 18” to 28”
  • 360° anti-rust hook
  • Heavy-duty nylon strap
  • Stainless steel buckle
  • Universal fit

This Active Pets harness has a high-quality nylon strap and a durable stainless steel seatbelt buckle. The strap can be adjusted between 18” to 28” in length.

Wuglo Dog Seat Belt 2

$12.97 at Amazon

Key features

  • Adjustable length ranging from 12” to 37”
  • Stainless steel connectors
  • Strong elastic belt
  • Reflective strips
  • Universal metal buckle
  • Heavy-duty nylon strap

This Wuglo Dog Seat Belt has an adjustable nylon strap that ranges between 12” to 37” and is suitable for dogs of any size. The massive size of this seatbelt makes it a great option for larger dogs weighing 100 pounds or more. This seatbelt also comes with reflective strips that make it easier to see in the dark.

Mighty Paw Dog Car Safety Belt 1

$12.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • Adjustable length ranging from 16” to 26”
  • 360​​° swivel-attachment
  • Tangle-free design
  • Aviation Aluminum carabiner clips
  • Can fit small or large dogs

The Mighty Paw Dog Car Safety Belt has an adjustable strap with a tangle-free design and an adjustable length from 16” to 26”. This seatbelt has Aviation aluminum carabiner clips that can withstand up to 150 pounds of force tension.

Bwogue Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt 2

$10.49 at Amazon

Key features

  • 2 pack
  • Adjustable length ranges from 18” to 30”
  • Tangle-free nylon straps
  • Lockable buckle
  • Can be used as a seatbelt or as a leash

This Bwogue Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt comes with 2 seatbelts and has an adjustable length between 18” to 30”. This product can be used as either a seatbelt or as a leash for your dog. 

How to choose the right dog car seatbelt

Before purchasing a seatbelt for your dog, make sure you know the weight of your dog and what size seatbelt you will need to fit them in. Make sure you buy an additional harness to attach the seatbelt to if you don’t have one already.

Are dog car seatbelts and dog car safety harnesses the same thing?

A lot of brands use the name interchangeably but they are different products. According to TreatYourDog UK, “a dog car harness can spread the impact force of a sudden jolt to the dog’s body, lessening the strain on a single part of its anatomy – a seatbelt attached to a collar, for instance, could cause injury to a dog’s neck in the event of the car braking suddenly, while a harness repositions that impact more widely across the dog’s chest.” To get the most out of your dog’s car seatbelt, attach it to a harness instead of your dog’s collar.

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