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The best RV surge protectors of 2024

The Best Rv Surge Protectors Of 2024

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RVs are homes on wheels that come with many of the same amenities a traditional house has. And as you’d use surge protectors for electronics in the house, you should also have special protectors for your motorhome. RV surge protectors will insulate your electronic devices from sudden power surges or voltage spikes, and many of them offer weather resistance. Just connect to an electrical power supply hookup at a campsite, then it’s ready to go. Here are the best RV surge protectors currently for sale on Amazon.

Progressive Industries RV Surge Protector

$68.23 at Amazon

Key features

  • Absorbs up to 826 joules
  • 30 amp
  • All-weather shield cover
  • 3 LED indicator lights
  • Hardwired protection

This 30-amp  Progressive Industries RV Surge Protector is able to absorb up to 826 joules and keep your electronics safe. It has an all-weather shield cover that allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and LED lights so it can be seen in low-visibility conditions. Your purchase includes a lifetime warranty covering everything but the weather shield cover.

GearGo RV Surge Protector 1

$47.98 at Amazon

Key features

  • 30 amp
  • 8,000 joules
  • Weather-resistant cover
  • IP68 waterproof design
  • 3-year warranty

The GearGo RV Surge Protector works as a circuit analyzer that lets you check the quality of your camper’s power before plugging it in. It has a weather-resistant cover and is V-1 flame retardant. A 3-year warranty is included.

Zikopomi RV Surge Protector 1

$44.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • All-in-1 circuit analyzer
  • 30 amp
  • Minimum of 2,100 joule absorbing capacity
  • Waterproof cover
  • 3-color LED indicators

This Zikopomi RV Surge Protector has open neutral and reverse polarity detection along with wind, rain and sandstorm protection.

Carmtek RV Surge Protector 1

$79.90 at Amazon

Key features

  • 30 amp
  • Circuit analyzer
  • Ergonomic grip handles
  • Built from flame-retardant material
  • Absorbs up to 2,100 joules
  • US-patented, tested and certified

The Carmtek RV Surge Protector has an ergonomic grip handle that makes it easy to connect and disconnect from any outlet. The surge protector is weather-resistant and has thermal protection and can withstand harsh temperatures between -31° F to 212° F.

Power Watchdog Bluetooth Surge Protector 1

$275.00 at Amazon

Key features

  • 6,100 joules
  • 50 amp
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Made to be used outside

The Power Watchdog Bluetooth 50-amp Surge Protector is a high-quality appliance that has many features the competitors lack. It has a surge module that can be replaced in the event of a power surge instead of replacing the entire device like the other surge protectors. It also lets you view the volts, watts and amperage of your devices from your smartphone while connected.

What are the benefits of an RV surge protector?

RV surge protectors offer protection to your electronic devices from unexpected power surges and spikes that can be caused by lightning strikes, damage or overloads.

RV surge protector vs traditional surge protector

A traditional surge protector plugs into a wall outlet and allows you to plug in several devices into it at once and keeps them protected. An RV surge protector plugs into the campground power source hookup and when connected, will protect the appliances inside of the RV. They also have a form of weather protection as they are used outdoors. Both of these types of surge protection offer similar benefits, just in different ways.

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