UE's Everboom speaker is a smaller, floatable version of its Epicboom

Ues Everboom Speaker Is A Smaller Floatable Version Of Its Epicboom

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Ultimate Ears is expanding its lineup of portable Bluetooth speakers with the Everboom. This one should be pretty safe to take with you on your wildest adventures, as it has a rugged design and an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. It can even float, so you can bring it with you into the pool or lake. There's also an Outdoor Boost button, which you can press to bump up the bass and optimize the audio for the great outdoors.

The oval-shaped Everboom, which is essentially a smaller version of UE's Epicboom, offers 360-degree audio and a 180-foot Bluetooth range. UE says the battery will run for up to 20 hours before you need to recharge it via USB-C. In addition, there's one-touch NFC connectivity that works with compatible smartphones running at least Android 8. UE says that this will allow you to quickly switch between several people's playlists when multiple phones are connected — perfect for a campfire singalong.

Ultimate Ears Everboom speakers in several colours with carabiner clips.
Ultimate Ears

Meanwhile, the Logitech-owned brand has updated its Wonderboom, Boom and Megaboom speakers with USB-C charging ports and new colorways that are made entirely from post-consumer recycled fabric. The Boom 4 and Megaboom 4 are built with a larger proportion of recycled materials than previous models and have "enhanced deep bass radiators to unlock an even bigger sound," UE says. As for the Wonderboom 4, that introduces a podcast mode — the previous model is one of our favorite Bluetooth speakers.

In addition, UE is introducing a new feature for all speakers that work with its Boom app. With Megaphone, users can speak into their phone and project their voice through the speaker.

The Everboom and refreshed speakers are all available in North America starting today and are set to hit Australia, New Zealand and Europe in the coming months. The $250 Everboom comes in Charcoal Black, Azure Blue, Enchanting Lilac or Raspberry Red. You can pick up the Wonderboom 4 in an Active Black, Hyper Pink, Cobalt Blue or Joyous Bright colorway for $100. As for the $150 Boom 4 and $200 Megaboom 4, those are available in Active Black, Cobalt Blue, Raspberry Red and Enchanting Lilac.

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