We Recycle Solar is donating 1 module for every 10 recycled in April

We Recycle Solar Is Donating 1 Module For Every 10 Recycled In April

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We Recycle Solar is partnering with, a nonprofit assisting solar development in the Global South, to enact more sustainable practices in solar installation and spur projects in developing markets.

As part of the Earth Day celebration this year, We Recycle Solar committed to a specific initiative: For every 10 solar modules recycled through its state-of-the-art facilities during April, one PV panel will be donated to the Renewables Fund managed by The nonprofit is focused on funding high-impact solar projects in the Global South, where the need for renewable energy is most critical.

“Teaming up with is a game-changer in extending the life of solar panels and helping to drive the circular economy in our sector,” said AJ Orben, VP of We Recycle Solar. “With projections of solar panel waste reaching 78 million tons by 2050, the rapid increase in discarded panels poses a significant environmental threat. So our shared goal not only contributes to the global expansion of clean, renewable energy, but also helps mitigate an environmental crisis in the making. So we are both focused on a cleaner, healthier planet.”

We Recycle Solar is already diverting solar panel waste from landfills via the company’s Arizona facility. The recycling site boasts the nation’s highest photovoltaic device recycling processing capacity, the company stated ina press release. The partnership between We Recycle Solar and further addresses two critical aspects of the solar industry: the environmental impact of solar panel waste and the urgent need for renewable energy sources in underdeveloped regions, including areas of the United States.

While carbon-intensive power grids and insufficient funding for clean energy projects pose challenges in the Global South, addresses these issues through its Renewables Fund by placing tangible investments in projects that promise to deliver clean energy solutions now where they are needed most.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with We Recycle Solar for both this and projects in the future,” said Lassor Feasley, CEO of “This initiative not only supports the deployment of solar energy in areas with the greatest impact on reducing carbon emissions, but also highlights the importance of responsible recycling in general as part of the solar value chain.”

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