3.7-MWh ESS system in California to provide emergency water backup

3 7 Mwh Ess System In California To Provide Emergency Water Backup

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Energy Toolbase has completed commissioning on Ventura Energy’s five-site, 3.7-MWh energy storage portfolio at critical water facilities throughout Ventura County, California. The systems of standalone energy storage are comprised of Tesla Powerpacks and Megapacks controlled by Acumen EMS software and enable the end-users to have a reliable water source in the case of an emergency. A majority of Ventura County is served by wells, and some residents and farmers are left without a water supply when the area experiences a power outage. This portfolio of systems, spanning from Santa Paula to Thousand Oaks, will now provide backup power to water pumps at their locations.

The portfolio of sites is enrolled in California’s Demand Response Auction Mechanism program (DRAM), a pay-as-bid solicitation created to strengthen grid stability and synchronize the reliability demand response of utilities with CAISO, California’s grid operator. Acumen EMS provided these grid services through Leap, an energy market access provider for distributed energy resources. Through the Ventura Energy portfolio, Energy Toolbase created a partnership with Leap, which will allow projects to participate in demand response and grid services programs, augment revenue and aid the state’s grid through a unique revenue-share model.

“Leap is excited to facilitate access to energy market revenue streams for this portfolio,” said Jason Michaels, Chief Revenue Officer at Leap. “This collaboration will unlock additional value for Energy Toolbase and Ventura Energy to help them fund this project to bolster grid resilience and lower carbon emissions for Ventura County.”

Enrolling in the DRAM program helps bolster California’s grid stability and compensate for demand-side resources, which include energy storage systems by curtailing energy when the grid is strained. This performance-based revenue-share model structure will assist in maximizing the revenue and support of the grid for future projects throughout the state.

“As a Ventura County native, seeing the devastation of the Thomas Fire across the county was horrific. Knowing that these energy storage systems paired with well pumps will help firefighting and property protection in the future is something Ventura Energy is extremely proud of,” said Clara Nagy McBane, Owner of Ventura Energy. “By participating in the demand response programs enabled through Energy Toolbase and Leap, Ventura Energy’s portfolio will not only be able to help the grid manage peak events to avoid outages but also will allow Ventura Energy to deploy more of these potentially life-saving projects across California.”

“Energy Toolbase is especially excited to be a part of this project that is providing such a critical service to the people of Ventura County,” said Scott D’Ambrosio, VP of Sales at Energy Toolbase. “Combining the backup power to the well pumps, and Acumen EMS leveraging the DRAM program to add additional value, is something we’re proud to be able to do.”

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