AEROCOMPACT debuts racking for portrait and east-west solar panel orientation

Aerocompact Debuts Racking For Portrait And East West Solar Panel Orientation

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PV mounting system manufacturer AEROCOMPACT launched SN2 Q PLUS, an extension to the COMPACTFLAT SN2 rail-based flat roof solar racking system. SN2 Q PLUS supports modules up to 1310 mm by 2500 mm (51.6 in. by 98.4 in) and mounts them in an east-west orientation in portrait orientation on the long side of the module.


The high- and low-side inter-row spacing are separately adjustable in AEROCOMPACT’s proprietary design tool, AEROTOOL. This customizable inter-row space provides design flexibility to navigate obstructed roofs, maximize system size, minimize shadowing and to design for operations and maintenance (O&M), the company stated in a press release. Modules mounted to AEROCOMPACT’s SN2 Q PLUS system share rails, brackets and clamps, requiring fewer components per watt.

“SN2 Q PLUS uses shared parts for an extremely cost-effective dual-tilt long side clamping solution” said Ramez Tadros, Product Manager for AEROCOMPACT. “Modules do not have to be placed in pairs. This is unique for an east-west system, and it means roof obstructions will have a minor effect on the layout.”

AEROCOMPACT has designed the SN2 Q PLUS system for installations of modules on membrane, built-up, concrete, bitumen, foil or gravel roofs with an installation angle of approximately 5°. The SN2 Q PLUS flat roof system has up to 7 different ballast positions under each module. The racking system can be preassembled and ballasted before the modules are mounted. This gives project teams the flexibility to start installation without the modules or postpone bringing modules onto the roof if there are deadload limitations, the company stated in a press release.

SN2 Q PLUS conforms to UL 2703, is integrated into AEROTOOL and comes with a 25-year warranty.

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