Climavision unveils new AI weather prediction software for renewables industry

Climavision Unveils New Ai Weather Prediction Software For Renewables Industry

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Numerical weather prediction (NWP) company Climavision has released its new Horizon AI suite of products to serve the renewable energy industry.

The company has steadily expanded its application of machine learning and AI to increase the accuracy and range of its forecast models. Now, with the recent acquisition of Intersphere, provider of AI-Driven subseasonal to seasonal (S2S) forecasts, Horizon AI will fully integrate Climavision’s range of offerings.

“Bringing a complete set of solutions like this to market is a major development for the industry and for our clients, but it’s a very natural step for us as a company,” said Chris Goode, CEO of Climavision. “We’ve spent the last three years developing the team and technology to deliver best-in-class products across a range of applications and forecast periods. We’re thrilled to combine them all into one comprehensive offering.”

While much of the current buzz about AI-Driven weather prediction is built around far-off future possibilities, Horizon AI is delivering four uniquely valuable products across all time scales to customers today:

  • Horizon AI Global. This mid-range forecast targets large-scale events out to 15 days. This is especially useful in planning for impacts of tropical weather.
  • Horizon AI HIRES. Detailed short-range modeling down to a 1-km grid, predicting high-impact severe weather events up to five days out. The level of detail makes a critical difference in complex terrain.
  • Horizon AI Point. Point-based, highly accurate mid-range forecasting out to 15 days, blending up to 100+ NWP models and sensor data.
  • Horizon AI Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S). Detailed, long-range forecasting calculates probabilities and is verified using the most detailed weather observations available. The results are issued and verified daily against actual observations, consistently showing accuracy 50% higher than publicly available models.

The Horizon AI suite is especially useful for clients because all the products can be customized to the needs of specific industries. For instance, Horizon AI S2S can generate probability scenarios tailored to the renewable energy market with numerous variables down to units as small as an individual wind or solar farm — in time frames ranging out to two years for some parameters.

“Bringing all of these offerings under one umbrella helps our customers plan across the entire range of weather forecasting horizons,” said Ben Toms PhD, Climavision’s VP of AI for Weather. “Each of the Horizon AI products leverages our deep expertise in science and technology to deliver the insights most relevant to each client — providing an edge for making decisions.”

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