LifeSpan's standing desk exercise bike can charge your phone, if you've got the legs for it

Lifespans Standing Desk Exercise Bike Can Charge Your Phone If Youve Got The Legs For It

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I’ve always been curious how easy it is to work while you’re using one of those under-desk bikes and, thanks to CES 2024, now I know. My jaunt to Las Vegas has taken me to visit LifeSpan, who was showing off its recently-released Ampera standing desk bike. Unlike some desk bikes, Ampera is designed to capture your energy and use it to charge your phone via its 15W Qi charging plate. And, if you feel your legs have more power in them, you can re-juice your laptop via the 65W USB-C port.

You don’t even need to plug it in, since it operates entirely under its own power, or at least the power it has once you’ve given it some. The company’s official estimates suggest you could get a phone up to 50 percent charge in half an hour. And, if you cycle at speeds over 60 rpm, you’ll be able to produce 65 watts per hour, enough to put some decent charge in your laptop or USB battery pack. There’s also a companion app which will let you track how much power you’ve generated, how many calories you’ve burned and even change the color of the embedded RGB light.

And it’s certainly comfortable enough to work from, even in the less-than-ideal conditions of a CES media event. Sitting with my laptop balanced on a tall cocktail table, I was able to maintain a fairly brisk typing speed all the while slowly adding some power to my phone. It’s sturdily built and helps you feel planted while you’re working out, but mercifully there’s also a pair of wheels to help move it around. I could very much imagine having one of these under my standing desk to slide in and out when I don’t fancy going out and cycling in the real world.

The Ampera Office Bike is available to buy right now from Amazon, normally priced at $999, it’s presently on sale for $799.

We’re reporting live from CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 6-12. Keep up with all the latest news from the show here.

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